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Jabi Zabalaren bitakora sarean. 2003an sortu zuen, lehendabiziko euskarazko blog pertsonala.
Sarean means on the net in Basque language. My name is Jabi Zabala, I’m a journalist, web editor and amateur photographer. My main interest is communication in its different forms. I’m Basque, so, quite often, I have to explain what a Basque is when I’m abroad. This website is entirely written in Basque language, the oldest European language, which nowadays is a minoritized language spoken by about 550.000 people. If you want more information about the Basque language and culture, you’ll get it at the Center for Basque Studies University of Nevada, Reno and on Buber’s Basque Page. There is an interesting FAQ about the Basques section on late Larry Trask’s page and an extended video clip about the Basque Country on the Basque Culture Institute’s website.

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